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The Fuzz Grinder is the product of years of lusting over dirty guitar tones on old records and never really knowing where that sound came from. It wasn’t overdrive, it wasn’t distortion… it was GERMANIUM FUZZ. All the guitar greats had ’em back in the 60s and 70s, but you’ve gotta cough up serious dough to get your hands on one of those old Sola Sounds now. The Grinder is a dirty, and I mean DIRTY vintage fuzz box, pure and simple. It doesn’t get much simpler than two knobs – Volume and Grind to adjust your gain. Hand soldered and painted with love in San Francisco using the highest quality components available. This box is designed to be powered by an internal 9V battery only – which means you can get creative and mess around with different batteries to get varying gain levels. I use this pedal on stage in The Stone Foxes every night and on the record for ‘Everybody Knows.’

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A modern fuzz pedal built for complete tone customization. Go from a smooth fuzzy distortion all the way up to fully saturated grating mayhem! Control your Input and Output levels, EQ, Gate and Fuzz. Sounds killer on a guitar or bass. Carefully soldered and assembled by hand in San Francisco using the highest quality parts available. Has a negative ground so you can power it up right along with all the other boxes in your daisy chain.

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